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From the day I entered public accounting, I have been working with thousands of individuals, small to medium-sized businesses and other organizations. My sole purpose is to provide my clients with highly personalized tax, accounting, and financial advice. By providing the best service possible at affordable fees, I have formed countless rewarding business relationships and have helped my clients grow. In fact, almost all of my new business comes from client referrals. Take a look at my list of services on this web site and give me a call.

We have particularly designed this web site to be of use to our clients.

There are over 130 calculators on the "Finance Calculators" page. These can prove to be very useful in planning your finances.

We have selected numerous web site links on the " Links to Important Websites for Clients" page which relate to issues that we believe our clients would be interested in. We hope you use this page as a starting point for much of your finance related research. We continually add/remove/change these links in response to client needs.

Our page entitled " Important Tax Articles for Clients" has useful articles which address financial, tax and accounting issues which we believe our clients are interested in reading about. We continually add/remove/change these articles in response to client needs.

We also have other useful web pages where you can check on the status of your Federal Refund or state tax refund, check the due date of various federal and state tax returns, calculate your payroll, download information to prepare your income tax returns, as well as view other useful and interesting information.

We hope this web site is very useful to you.

Member : North Carolina Association of CPA's, Institute of Certified Management Accountants, National Association of Tax Practitioners

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